Bait and Switch in New York

  • 4 November 2021
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From my chat on

“and no monthly cost for the iphones
or androids right
Me - 9:14 PM

Okay i have 170$ for the plan + 20$ ipad service + 30$ watch service+ 36$ iphone protection= 256$ - 20% = 204.80 monthly taces and fees included

No monthly cost for the devices that is correct
Moesha - 9:16 PM
ok...sounds good to me
Me - 9:16 PM”

A few days later i receive my new phones but no labels for the trade-ins. I start calling T-moblile about it. Multiple reps and supervisors can’t see anything in my account about trade-ins. They said just wait and it will get sorted out.

I wait a week and call back, and still no help. A rep on the phone suggests we cancel the entire transaction and start over, but i wouldn’t be able to get the deal i agreed to. I start to really panic.

So I ask what is the monthly cost of my entire plan in the system….and i was then told about $270 a month!

Countless more conversations/chats and no one can give me what i agreed to. 

At this point i am reaching back out to Verizon to see if they will help me switch back. I will not pay a penny more than what i agreed to!




1 reply

Report the bait and switch issues to the NYS Attorney General and make sure to keep any documentation that provides support of the bait and switch.