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  • 2 October 2023
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My family and I are victims of this bait and switch. We were assured they would accept a transfer from CSpire, have the “T-Mobile on me”, My husband traded his Iphone 14 for a T-Mobile 14, so we still had to pay the difference at CSpire. Not a big deal since this new phone was supposed to be free. I got a 14 as well, and we gave them our old phones. My children’s phones were cracked so they got IPhone 13s. We were told our bill would be $225 with discounts on autopay, home internet, and the 4 lines. First bill was that much but we also had a $100 credit. 2nd month they have us paying for our Iphone 14s for $35/ month and our 2 13s. WE thought we would be happy here, with no hidden fees, but when you’re told one thing over and over at the store, then the bill is $75 more than you were quoted, we are not satisfied customers. 





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7 replies

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Any billing and promotion related issues need to be addressed with Customer Care by calling 611 from your T-Mobile number or by sending a DM to T-Mobile on either Facebook or Twitter.  

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If you're talking about carrier freedom promo there's only a few that Tmobile pays off.


You were scammed and Good Luck Chuck contact and customer service this is why I will never do auto pay besides the fact as soon as you update it messes up your phone so there's certain things that don't work again that you actually need I'm about ready to go back to Verizon

I switched from a $14 a month plan to T Mobile for a promotional phone and was told by the rep my bill would be $40 a month… surprise!! Bait and Switch it was almost DOUBLE - $75 per month. I called customer service NUMEROUS times. THEY DON’T care! I did a get an Awww…. that’s too bad. comment. But NO accountability by T Mobile to stand by what their salespeople are selling their customers. A class action lawsuit would at least bring the issue to T Mobile and hold them accountable for their illegal business tactics. This is fraud!

Now I’m locked into a contract. By the comments and posts here - this is NOT unusual business practice for T Mobile. As soon as my contract is up I am gone. 

When confirming pricing with T-Mobile representative I asked her to email the pricing and she said she couldn’t. She stated the pricing would be reflected after my first bill cycle. It wasn't and after trying to resolve the issue of my bill being $100 more per month than quoted I was not able to resolve it. I unfortunately had ported my numbers from another provider and I am now paying significantly more than my previous plan. I called customer service several times and was told sorry that they miss quoted me but there is nothing they can do. I am very disappointed in the way they conduct business. Buyers need to be aware that they do not honor pricing. 

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I have to call every single month to get my bill adjusted down to what it’s supposed to be.  I was told it would be $145 per month and it is always north of $185.  This has been the worst billing service, bait and switch, scam I’ve ever been a part of.   The sales person name was Rochester Welch.  

Entered Tmobile store in Brooksville FL wanting to transfer from Verizon (which I had for 32 yrs., $125 monthly) to save money. Sales rep said 2 phones $100 with 3rd phone free (no addition monthly charge). That sounded good, He then transferred my wife and I to another gentleman whom he introduced as the manager. (This is when the Bait & Switch happened!) I feel like a foul I didn’t recognize this, the sales rep explained what he told us and the manager took over. Manager was very pleasant and helped us completed our transfer of service which they claim is free (LOL) I somehow owed them $351.62. This did include phone cases ($20 x 3 = $60) and screen protectors ($40 x 3 = $120) this should have been less than $200, but I paid the amount while scratching my head trying to figure out what I’m actually paying for. 
when we got home I set up my new Tmobile account and my payment shows $298 monthly including home internet. We had a local internet provider which we were paying $67 monthly, combined with Verizon bill was $192 total per month. So we’re paying $106 more per month for the same type services through Tmobile. So much for saving money through Tmobile.

i went back to store the following day and talked with the manager and was told they don’t offer a 3 phone plan for $100… we wanted to cancel service and get our original phones back but were told it was too late that our phone were already shipped out and couldn’t be returned to us. 
I went home and called Tmobile and talked to a pleasant young lady who had all the answers and told us it wasnt quite as bad as it sounded because our Bill would only be $242 monthly which is only $50 more than we were paying with Verizon… Our whole reason for transferring service was to save money! But our Bill is still $298. I will be filling a BBB complaint for there Bait & Switch sales technique (they treat you like you were confused when they deliberately mislead you between two reps! We will also be leaving Tmobile ASAP.