Bank completed payment for equipment plan but T-mobile is not showing new amount nor activity.

  • 17 March 2023
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I paid off rest of my phone, an amount of 112, the bank processed and completed the amount but on T-mobile it is saying I still owe the amount and does not show I have paid it off in the activity feed. It’s been 2 days. It says my phone is still locked even though I paid this. I paid the general bill at the same time and it is showing that in the activity. I did two activities at the same hour and it is not showing the second one.


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9 replies

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contact TMO either through calling in (tier 1 support) or via Facebook or Twitter (tier 2 support) and they can look into it. no one in here has account access.


I mostly wrote this post to ask for insight and that perhaps maybe someone else had been in this situation. but ok thankz

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Even though your bank has fully processed the payment.  It can take up to 5 business days to be reflected on your account.  

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It will show in the Tmobile system that it's paid off if you called in but it takes a while to update on line. I paid off a tracker, called right after to cancel and the rep said I owed nothing.

As for the unlock code Tmobile will automatically unlock the phone once all requirements are met and will send you sms letting you know.


Its 12 days later and still saying the 112 and locked device.. I am going to wait until the new billing cycle shows up and then see what kind of move i need to make.

My automatic payment due October 15 for equipment was paid and bank cleared. BUT no payment on your record nor bank for the PLAN also due October 15.  US this a system error???

Also, with my current cleared equipment automatic payment that was due and paid October 15, 2023, my Tmobile bill shows the whole amount that was billed has been paid October 15, 2023, with $00 due until next month on Nov 15.  Why does it show billed amount is paid?  Billed amount in total for October 15, has only partially been paid. What's up??

Verrrrrrry confusing!  I doubt I will want to pay more later. No Kate fee deserved. No one answers from Tmobile. Not CS. Not Phone. Tmobile is Totally Unavailable. Ugggg!! 

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Billing usually initiates a few days before the date to make sure it processes on the date.  If you purchased something in store or even online in full.  That purchase will not show up on your bill.  Only EIP's, leases, and other forms of reoccurring payments will, because they have a monthly term applied to them.