Billed twice from Sprint and TMobile

  • 16 September 2021
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Any tips or advice is much appreciated.

Existing Sprint customer and went into TMobile to upgrade my phone in August. Was advise to cancel sprint right away so I don’t get charged twice.

Chatted with Sprint on 8/11/2021 to cancel all of my lines. Received confirmation that this is complete and should not receive anymore bill. 

Already satisfied two payment with TMobile now roughly $225 for August and September. Came to find out today I still have to pay Sprint for August (which is fine) BUT I have to pay September as well because not all of my lines were cancelled.

I showed my proof to the representative with Sprint and they said nothing they can do and that I have to pay the bill and as of today 9/15/2021 the remaining three lines are now cancelled.


Very unfortunate…my upgrade with TMobile cost me so much money. I am now responsible in satisfying a $300 bill with Sprint and at the same time paying TMobile $200ish. Basically almost $500 for two phone service which wasn’t suppose to happen for August and September.

I felt like I was deceived and lied to by both companies (technically merge into one).


2 replies

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Try contacting tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms to see if they can help. They're a higher tier of support.

This is a user to user forum with some tmobile moderation that don't have account access.

Same, first this is all very sprint store is now a T-Mobile store. I get a new phone from them yet billed 2x once from sprint and once from T-Mobile. I was never told to cancel my lines with sprint why would I if ur the same company??