• 24 February 2024
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Since the loss of the discount for auto pay on a credit card, I have been paying the “old school” way by mailing a check.  The first month was fine (AUG I think).  The second month, TMobile said my check bounced.  My bank has no record of it and TMobile won’t furnish any further details.  The month after that, I was no longer getting bills in the mail from TMobile.  Then they cut my service.  My wife could, thankfully, text me as I was out of town on business and using a company phone.  We realized we never got the bill.  Contacted TMobile and they reduced some of the fees and re-instated the phone service.  The next month the check cleared one day after the due date.  I have to believe TMobile or their service that processes their payments “sat” on it over the weekend because it cleared on a Monday.  We have not received a bill in the mail once since then. Last month I checked my account and it was set for  paper billing and charges for late payment (we didn’t make one because we didn’t get a bill)  The account log showed where I signed up for paperless billing even though my account showed I was suppose to get paper billing.  I have written two letters because no one on the phone can help with this problem.  I thought  I was going to get some help with the first one, but all we did was play phone tag.  This week, I find that my bill is due again, the one they  didn’t send.  They sent me an email though.  They are going to give me “VIP treatment just for being a loyal customer”.  I don’t need any extras until you can handle the basics.

Has anyone else had this problem and is there anyway to resolve it other than changing carriers?

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Stories like this is why I opted to keep paying with my ccd and losing the $10 autopay discount. You can't depend on USPS for on time delivery.


USPS didn’t say I bounced a check that never went to the bank.  USPS delivers bills most of the time.  This is too consistent to be a SNAFU from USPS (as much as I would love to blame them).