Billing after number was closed

  • 16 February 2022
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Hi T mobile

I had account opened on 14th Oct 2021 and paid bill on Nov 5th for $ 121.

Again on Dec 6 paid $ 121.

Again on Jan 6 paid $121.

I had cancelled my service on Jan 16. I was told all my payments are done and will receive a bill for 2 days prorata.

I am seeing that I received a bill for full month $121.00. 

Can you please check and take out bill for addtional month. I used the service for 3 months and I paid for 3 months.






1 reply

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Prorated for your usage beyond what is beyond your plan.  T-Mobile doesn’t prorate their plans.  If you use one day out of a month or 30 days out of a month.  The plan costs the same either way.  

No one here has access to your account.  This is essentially a peer help forum.  You can give Customer Care a call or reach out to T-Mobile via Facebook or Twitter for more information or view your bill in your account.