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My sister as a Samsung Galaxy A13 we got her, she is on my account; she somehow messed up logging in to her phone with her pattern and it’s asking for a password. She couldn’t remember the password, but somehow she was able to log in to Google Device Manager but can’t see her phone listed.

T-Mobile can’t seem to do anything to help her without me being there, but she’s in another city, is there anyway to factory reset this phone so she can at least use it? This is beyond frustrating that I can’t do anything about this situation, nor am I able to get help from T-Mobile without being in the same city.


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even after a factory reset she will need her pw. she’ll have to sign back into everything including Google to load everything back onto the phone.



you could make her one of the primaries on your account so she doesnt need you there physically to get things taken care of. not sure what limitations you can put onto it though.


She was able to log in to Google Device Manager, but her old A10 (the previous phone we bought her) was the only one listed. I can’t see specifically why she can’t get in to her phone, but I told her to use a pin number next time instead of the pattern unlock, something she can tell me easily that I can remember for her. She was in a coma a couple of times, and due to the reasons of her being in a coma, caused short term memory loss, so it is a bit tedious when these things happen.