CAN you setup call forward from mytmobile ONLINE web PAGE?

  • 21 February 2018
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CAN you setup call forward from mytmobile ONLINE web PAGE?


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8 replies

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That feature if available needs to be done from the phone forwarded from.

Why arent messages forwarded (texts) as well as calls? Can that be done?

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Texts cannot be forwarded .

I occasionally only have my dumb phone on me (does nothing but receive/make calls).  Sometimes I forget to setup call forwarding before I leave.

I may have access to the web site but not my smart device to FWD.

Is this truly not an option from our account page?

It has always been an option from the three other carriers I have used - no names mentioned (and still is)...

e.g. lost or stolen device, etc.  the "owner" of the acct. logs in to theirs online and sets up CFWD to whatever number they choose.

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I've always set up call forwarding from the phone I wanted to forward from or to. For instance if I wanted to forward my phone 1 calls to forward to phone 2, I will change call forwarding on phone 1 to phone 2s number.

I am new to Tmobile.  I am disappointed that this issue has been out there a year and tmobile has not provided simple web tools or app tools to manage things like forwarding phones and line link. 

it would be nice to forward phones from your online account? what if you phone is damaged and you are not able to use to phone and need calls forwarded temporarily, til you get a new phone.

Call forwarding can't be done from the online account account, unfortunately, which is frustrating if you need to do it off & on due to forgotten phone or something of that nature. However, if you lose or break your phone, just go to the on-line chat and explain what happened and they will set up the forwarding for you. My husband recently lost his work phone and we wanted to wait a bit to see if he could find it before having it shut off and getting a new phone. The agent I chatted with transferred the calls from that phone to his personal phone line right away. She told me when the phone was found or replaced to just contact them again and they would transfer the calls back. Unfortunately, text can't be transferred, but at least he's not missing any calls. I've always found the agents on chat to be extremely helpful.