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  • 6 October 2018
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I will leave America on October. Do I need to cancel my account after I leave ?


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11 replies

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It's better to start the cancellation process before you leave especially if you have

auto payment turned on.

First of all will you come back? If that is the case you could suspend your account from t mobile app  or my t- mobile,  however you could check international features and rates if you are not going to come back let t mobile call you now you cab schedule a call  from the app or from the mytmobile website

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That's a bummer you're wanting to cancel your service. I think knowing if/when you're coming back will help us give you the best suggestion. Keep in mind, you can reach out to our Team of Experts and have them take a look at your account as well. You can Community-2153​ and have our Experts look into options further if needed.

I will not come back. So I will cancel the account after Dec 17. Could you tell me the process to cancel the account?

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You'd have to contact one of our Team of Experts or T-Force folks. They have account access and can guide you through that process. I suggest reaching out to them using the link I posted earlier when you're ready.

Hi support representative,

I am writing to you to cancel my account.

Unfortunately, I have been trying to cancel my account for almost a month now, but T-Mobile does not offer a cancellation option in its menu.

Please, do consider this message a formal cancellation of my account and send me the final bill.

Thank you,


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This forum isn't an official way to cancel your account since they don't have access

to account information.

The hoops this HORRIBLE company makes you jump through to close your account all but guaranteed that I will NEVER do business with you again.

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I've had post paid accounts on Sprint and Verizon and it's the same way to cancel an account.

Anyone know how to cancel Service i kept getting hung up on 

tmobile wont give me a phone that works i payed off the i phone 7 plus years ago phone i use now gets no service here at home so im wasting money each month how do i cancel service 

email is

i need to cancel my account. however am overseas. i can’t figure out how to get t-mobile to call me back. it is a two hour wait.