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  • 7 July 2017
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good morning I need to change my email address I no longer have the 8588 yahoo email can you please change it for me


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Hey there! Where specifically are you trying to change your email address?

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You can change your email address for the community in your profile and your account in My Tmobile app or online where you check your bill.

new email address for Thomas Gendry:

*edited to remove personal info - Marissa

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Hey, @magenta2326101​! I'm going to shoot a private message your way -- please take a peek in your inbox when you have a sec. Thank you!

- Marissa

That's pretty arrogant when he specifically asked to have it changed, if he knew how, he probably wouldn't have asked. I'm having the same problem. There's no profile tab, can't find it under Account (which is where most people hide your information). I swear...I don't see any light at the end of this tunnel. vice


Sorry, but, this needs a complete answer for Changing an Email Address. Where is the FAQ with screenshots?


Where are the instructions to change our email address Step by Step?


Please share a specific answer. Thank you


UPDATE : Go under

1 My Account

2 Profile

3 T-Mobile ID (where the description says nada about your email address LOL)


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…..and now that your name and personal phone number is blasted on TMOs fully public site...