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  • 22 July 2018
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My cell was placed back on block, I was first placed on block Nov 23 after my gma passed and the account was closed.

After the woman started me a new number my phone worked for up to a month until it was blocked again due to no payments being made.

She then confirmed that she transferred the remaining balance over, I still have all the confirmation emails. I was aware that we had got everything together in December (December 22, 2017) but it seems to have been some type of miscommunication & I do not understand. The woman I spoke with told me that at that moment in December that I only owed $129 more dollars on my phone till I upgrade and she guaranteed that.

She transferred me over and now the people in the store are saying that my change of responsibility wasn’t complete. There was no mistake on my end and I feel as if I am not being tended to properly. Only options they are giving me is to start all the way over with financing a new phone or trying to make a payment on the prior plan in the case of my grandmother passing.

Even on my grandmothers bill I have been paying on my phone phone down and starting over would be a complete waste of money. Can I please get some type of assistance.


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Oh wow, @mharris02​ -- first off, I'm so sorry to read about your loss. Secondly, it stinks to hear that when you're going through what is already a tough time, we may have added to that stress.
When we complete a change of responsibility, we are often able to initiate the transfer of an equipment installment plan from its original account to the new account where your phone line has moved. The new account has to be the kind that allows for EIPs and have enough equipment credit available to accept the balance, and the new account holder also needs to complete an e-signature (basically sign the agreement via email) to accept financial responsibility for the remaining balance owned on the phone installment plan. It sounds like you signed for the EIP via email and received a confirmation, so I'm super confused regarding which portion of your transfer wasn't complete!
We absolutely want to make sure that we get you answers and make sure that you do feel like you're being taken care of. I'm not sure where the ball was dropped before, but for stellar account support online I highly recommend working with our T-Force team. They're our support teams on Twitter and Facebook, and in those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account. We can take a look at your account, your grandma's account where your line was moved from, and see which plans transferred and figure out what's happening now. Just contact us via Message on Facebook here:  or via DM on Twitter here: T-Mobile (@TMobile) | Twitter  and we'll get to the bottom of this!