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  • 14 March 2018
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I was trying to sort out issues regarding my account urgently.

I just called in and was told my account was with a collection agency due to an upaid bill which I never knew about otherwise I would've paid it immediately. As soon as I found out I did pay it over the phone with t-mobile yesterday but they said they couldn't help me today because it was still with the agency. In the past when this has happened once before T-mobile provided me with the name and number so that I could contact the agency to immediately let them know the amount had been settled and return back the account. Although this time t-mobile is refusing to give me the agency details despite having paid the amount. PLEASE HELP. URGENT MATTER.

7 replies

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Hmm, typically the only time we won't provide the information on the collections agency is if it hasn't been assigned to one yet.

Did the representative say that may have been the case?

Sorry for any confusion, but it's something we'll be able to figure out!


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Hey there.

I just want to check in and see if this was resolved. Please give us a reply and let us know. Thanks.

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Hello, @drishtipanjwani​!

I'm swinging by to see if you've had a chance to look over Lauren's reply regarding the collection agency may not being assigned yet. I know this is super urgent and you want to get it handled ASAP. Are you trying to set service back up with us? Please keep us updated if anything  changes on your end.

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Just wanted to check in once more!


Good evening Im going through an issue where once I switched over from my personal to my business account I was told that nothing changed and everything switched over but come to my knowledge the equipment from my EIP didn't so T Mobil written off my personal account without giving me a bill sending it to collections which is causing me such heartache because I'm unfortunately unable to move with my life due to this ridiculous situation has destroyed my credit I've spoken with several t-mobil experts but the lack of following up and letting me know what's going on is horrible and I'm still waiting on an removal letter from them so I can move forward I've already paid off my balance to my personal account just so things can get handled Ive spoken to several supervisors in getting this handled I was told that t-mobil is working on the letter and contacting the collection agency in getting this done Im at the point where I just wanna be done with this company because of this error 😪 

T-Mobile is very deceptive in their practices. I am convinced they train their employees this way. Currently filing a complaint with my Attorney General. Don't walk, run from this company.

I complained to the feds and am filing a lawsuit. T-Mobile should shutdown and sell their assets.