• 27 February 2017
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wwhen bring your own phone with 1 line will you be on a contract


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T-Mobile does not do contracts.  You only pay per month for your plan.  Device payments would be extra and if financed, would require a 24 month payment agreement, unless paid in full or paid off early.

when does device payments end

how do I go about taking my daughter off my plan and just having me on

how do i take my daughter off my plan and just have me on it

is there a time limit that I have to bring it in

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Hey there!  Is your daughter looking to keep her number and perhaps move to another carrier?  If so, you'll want to keep the line active until it is removed from your account by the other carrier.  You will need to provide them with the number, account number, and the PIN/Passcode that you have set up for account access.

If you have a financed device on her line, you will have to continue making the monthly payments until the agreement is satisfied.  If you close the account entirely, all remaining device payments will become due on your final bill.

Your question: "is there a time limit that I have to bring it in" I'm confused, could you elaborate?

I own all my phone with T Mobile. They paid off two of my phones off as part of the promotion. Is there a time limit that I need to stay with them. In other words, how long is my contract. I don't remember anything about a two years term.