Did I just get scammed

  • 20 February 2023
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I just moved to T-Mobile last Friday (Feb 17th). After talking with their sale team for setting up a new plan, they told me to try their Home Internet. I told them I don’t want to but they keep asking me to use their service. And mentioned I am eligible for 15 day trial. I didn’t say I will use it and kept rejecting it.

Later, after I decided which plan I am gonna use, they told me that they will send me a physical sim because “setting up an esim without a physical sim can end up badly”. Honestly, I was unsure why, but I think it is ok anyways and wait for the physical sim.


On the next day, I received a package with the Home Internet device along with a physical SIM card. Brought it to a nearby store and they said this SIM is for Home Internet, esim don’t need to have a physical SIM card to activate. They told me to asked for returning the service if I am not planning to use since their store can’t do return.

Everything is now shady. But I asked for service cancelation anyways. And planning to return the device by today. But when I check the app, I received a bill saying that I will have to pay for both my phone plan and Home Internet thing this month even when they said I have 15-day trial. The bill is posted, not projected payment or something.


I am very upset and unsure if I was scammed. I really want somebody from T mobile can look at this case and have a reasonable explanation or solution to it. I was not aware and didn’t save the chat history, I will encourage everybody have a chat with their sale team to save their chat history before anything similar happen as in my case.


Thank you.

1 reply

Something similar happened to me with the free trial internet trial equipment & the struggle to return it.q.  

It took about a week of daily calls to tmobile & 3 trips to a local store before they finally accepted the equipment. 

Keep calling & asking to speak to a person who can authorize returns & demand they return the equipment & credit your account & tell them you'll be reporting them to the FCC for fraud if they don't. Hope this helps.