Eligibility problems with keep and switch promotion time frame

  • 9 November 2021
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So, I have had a couple problem lately.  We just came over from Verizon and I’m starting to regret it.  First my son’s line when we changed the sim card to T-Mobile stopped working, he can’t make calls out or get texts because it is saying his phone is not compatible even though I was TOLD OVER THE PHONE BY TWO DIFFERENT representatives that it was...our phones are all unlocked, so I know that isn’t the problem.  THEN, when trying to fill out my keep and switch promotion for the rebate, it keeps saying something is wrong and that it is past the promotion time.  I WAS TOLD I HAD UNTIL THE 13th OF NOVEMBER, IT IS THE 9TH! What is going on???    I’ve now been on the phone with them like 5 times.  If this does not get handled and taken care of, I’m reporting it to the BBB.  I have been assured several times I would be taken care. Not to mention I was not told about having to do the rebate for the promotion, that slipped through the cracks.  I was actually told by TWO reps that when I got the sim cards, all I had to do was change the sim cards out and then call the 1800 number for the promotion and give them my verizon account information and account number and they would pay off the lines up to $800 per line,  Now they are saying I have to pay it off first myself and they will pay it back to me.  I would not have done this if this was told to me to begin with and I feel like they knew that.  One last thing.  I’m told in my area that signal is great and one of the best, sadly, I keep losing people and I RARELY have more than 2 bars of signal for my area, when apparently my area was in “great signal area”.


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Oh no. Sorry you’ve had this much trouble. Should be a pretty seamless switch. I have some info that I think will be helpful. Looks like you might be referring to the Switch to T-Mobile offer that gives you a payoff for your phone up to $1,000. If that’s right, there’s a section for Verizon devices that are eligible for the offer. I’d check their first since that’s a limited offer. If you’re using an eligible device, you’ve gone through the 4 steps and the issue continues, you can message our T-Force team on Twitter using the @TMobileHelp handle. Link them to this thread so they can see what you’re going through and help you out.


Thank you. Several reps has told me that all 3 phones on my plan were all compatible and qualified for the promo. Also my calls are being dropped just suddenly at any given point. 


Also I don't have Twitter. 

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We are having the same problem. T-Mobile just gives you the run around online and in the phone. They show it approved online then tell you it’s denied and to resubmit paperwork that was sent three times, including the store where it was presented at the beginning of switching. Makes the sales staff complete liars….

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Physically go to a store. They have stores all over the place. The phone reps are useless and they lie. I got the same mouthful. Oh well pay off your devices, $1000 per line! Never told I had to pay first and I'd be reimbursed. And the process to get reimbursed?? Omg. That was a nightmare in itself. I don't call them anymore. I have a store I physically WALK INTO to ask my questions now. That way I know 100% I won't be lied to. 

I'm having the same issue as OP right now.  Any help?  I do not have twitter 

What I wanna know is WITAF is going on with Trouble Ticket #71403251? They told me over a week ago that they’d text me in 3 days with a ‘solution’. Yesterday, I contacted the guy that I originally did my business with when I switched from Verizon at the beginning of the month. The only reply was pretty much ‘Trust me, I’m on it’. His hours on his page say that he won’t be back on the clock until Wednesday. I switched, paid my entire bill 3 weeks in advance, and haven’t had cell service since day one. I receive texts ‘sometimes’ or not at all. The fun part is that my bank gives me 60 seconds to put in a texted validation number before I can log in, and after 3 fails, I have to go through the crap of proving that I’m me before I go through more crap to change my credentials. This has happened FOUR times in THREE effing weeks! When I send a text, it says ‘queued’ followed by ‘failed’ and ‘would you like to try again?’. Phone calls? FORGET ABOUT IT. My deal now is simply this… FIX IT, T-MOBILE, or give me a damned refund + what it’s gonna cost me to go back to Verizon!!! 

Just another scam. I submitted it 3 times and was denied all 3 times. Spent countless hours on the phone and got no where. Canceling it after 1 month. Do not do it!!!!!

I was not told about the 30 day timetable to take advantage of the Keep and Switch promotion. I am trying to do it online and it is saying “outside valid promotion period”

Can you help me recover the $766.53 that I paid to ATT for what I owed?

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i have screen shots of the ATT bill I paid off.