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  • 25 March 2022
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I often send emails as text messages to my own phone, especially when I am browsing the internet from a PC and want to send a particular link to my phone as a text so I can share it with others.  Every time I send an email to my text using (example the text message comes to my phone from a 678-567-2643 phone number with the content where I am required to “Download”.  When I click “Download” NOTHING happens, it just returns to the same thing “Download”  No matter what the content of the email is the results are the same.

2 replies

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Are you connected to data or WiFi?  Message content almost always requires data to send and receive messages treated as MMS.  


You really shouldn’t try to answer questions when it is obvious that you are not very knowledgeable on the topic.  First of all it is, “are you on the Mobile Network or WiFi”, not “are you on DATA or WiFi.”  Second, this has zero bearing on the problem.  A text message via email is not restricted by the type of network being used to send/receive, either network should work.  The only real possibility is if T-Mobile is blocking text messages originating as an email.  And then there is the whole thing about my statement above “when I am browsing the internet from a PC and want to send a particular link to”  which my PC has no “Mobile Network, or in your terms DATA”.  You’ll never get a job with T-Mobile unless it is selling phones where you have to have zero knowledge of your product