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I currently work for T-Mobile. I need to leave a review for an employee that works in a store. Im not sure what the process is for this considering I work for the same company. 


I work at the call center and hes at the store. I occasionally go to the store to manage my personal account (if I can't do it myself) 


Thank you! 

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I heard that you work in Tmobile Company, and I would like to ask you how to contact the customer service of the company. Because of the network limitation of my Apple device, I need to contact the customer service for help. Please help me! Thank you very much!

I would like to Thank Jane@T-Mobile for the best customer service ever. I joined in January 2022 and from since that time I have been having troubles and she took that big step and help me out. Jane@T-Mobile you’re the best employee I have spoken to and you are very kind and always keep that stronger head and I really appreciate you for all you’ve done thank you. GOD BLESS YOU

Lately, I am not happy with T-Mobile. I am a loyal client of 14 years and thinking about switching to a new provider due to many failed tries with T-Mobile.  

If you would like to reach out to me and rectify everything, you are more than welcome to contact me. 

Till then, I would like to highlight the ONE representative that has blown me away. Out of my 14 years as a customer, I would like to applaud Britney #84. Britney G. @T-Mobile. was amazing in every quality a representative should possess. She was quickly able to help change my mood from extreme frustration to laughing. She was able to assist and accomplish exactly what I was trying to get situated, all without placing me on hold AT ALL. 

You should thank Britney, she was able to save not only one account, but multiple accounts that I have with T-Mobile. 

Hello, I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll post it here.  I would like to call out for special thanks and kudos a phone agent of yours in the Philippines by the name of Domenic (sp?) or “Nic.”  This person was so wonderfully helpful and convinced us that T-Mobile would be the best service for us, just based on this one employee.  We signed up, and are glad we did.  Unfortunately, I had to change my order before we paid, as I needed a smaller phone to fit my pockets.  When we called back a half an hour or so later to change this one detail, we were unable to reach Nic, and got a different person.  That person reworked the entire order, and by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late.  Our order had been cancelled, and a brand-new order placed (wrong color phone for my husband, but oh well.)  As a result, I don’t think Nic got credit for our order, after all the time Nic had taken with us.  Please pass on our thanks and tremendous appreciation for all that was done for us by Nic.  

I have been with T-Mobile for 14-years and over the years the customer service has gotten worse. I called on 9/7/23 because my services was suspended. I was advised that my services will get turned on for 48-hours and I would need to make a payment of $200 to begin a payment arrangement. The rep told me they would provide a $50 credit to ensure the min balance was met. I paid the $200 on Saturday 9/9 but was unable to set up an arrangement because the rep had not added the $50 credit. I called today, Monday 9/11 because my services had been suspended. I explained what happened to at least 7-people over a period of 4-hours. Not a single person could help me. No one would go back and listen to the call to confirm what I was saying was true. All they told me was they needed to take a min of $267 today because today was a new billing cycle for me. I hate this company and I can’t stand how they can lie to their clients on a recorded line and still not honor what their own reps tell clients. After 14-years I will be finding a new carrier even if this means I will have to pay more. This is the worse experience with any company