Essential Plan additional $15 on the 3rd line, and Autopay discount doesn't seemed to be applied

  • 29 May 2022
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I’m confused by how essential plans are charged. Called the customer service but the lady just tried to get over with the call, so I’m posting question on here instead.

So I thought the plan is $90 for 3 lines (buy 2 lines & 3rd line free according to the attached screenshot), then plus the taxes & fees (about $15), the total should be something around $90 (3 lines) + $15 (taxes & fees) = $105.

But I got charged $120 each month instead. I looked at the billing details (see attached screenshot), looks like only 2 lines are included with the 3rd line charged extra $15.

So the total becomes: $90 (2 lines) + $15 (3rd line) + $15 (taxes & fees) = $120

So my questions are:

  1. Is the 3rd line really free?
    • If it is free, then why is mine charged $15 extra?
    • If it is not free, then why is the web said such so?
  2. In my billing detail, it also stated there is $15 Autopay discount, I don’t see that get discounted from my pay with Autopay setup already.
    • If the $90 (for Essential 2 lines) and $10 (3rd line) are the price after discount, then that means the below,
      • Essentials (2 lines): $90 after discount, original price is $100
      • 3rd line: $15 after discount, original price is $20
      • → Then the original price for Essential 2 lines is $100 instead of $90, which I don’t think this holds true with all the info I saw from the official website.

It’ll be greatly appreciated if someone could help clarify, thanks!


Here are the screenshots.



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Called the customer service again, it was a different lady, and the lady actually broke down the billing very well for me. Now I’m finally be able to understand the bill.

So the buy 2 lines get 3rd line free of Essentials is a recent promotion, old customers don’t get that.

And it is originally ($50 per line for Essentials * 2 lines) + $20 for the 3rd line, then plus $15 taxes and fees, original total is $135, then minus ($5 autopay discount/line * 3 lines) = $120