Family Allowance Never Allowed number is Allowed

  • 1 December 2023
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I have two numbers on the never allowed list and they can still call and send messages. 

4 replies

I have the same problem.  I added a cell phone number to my never allowed list and the call still came through.  I check it periodically and seems to disappear from my list and I have to add it back in again, but this feature does not seem to work to prevent caller from calling my line.


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you should be able to add said number to the phones do not allow/block list. a bit of a double block.. you have an android phone or apple?

Hi. I have an iPhone. I can add the phone number to the account but call still comes in. 

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unfortunately there are some ways that it can be bypassed..if im thinking right if they use imessage instead of a regular text the message will still make it though. i think the same scenario with facetime calls/video calls...