Family Mode VPN Issues

  • 15 October 2021
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It seems that when family mode is enabled and the VPN is active for some reason my child cannot access foreign sites.

Is there a fix?

Or if no specific fix, is it possible to disable the VPN at least for a certain period of time?

2 replies

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It could be a setting on the phone that’s keeping it from getting to those sites. There’s different ways to check depending on the device’s OS. Check out the two options below:

  • For iOS, confirm that the app is installed and that the VPN's 'Connect on Demand' is turned on.
  • For Android, check that the Device Administration is installed on the device and selected as an administrator in the device's security settings.

I’d also see if the device can access the site while connected to the mobile network to see it works. That’ll let us know if it’s a setting that needs to be changed outside of FamilyMode.


Thanks - “Connect on Demand” is enabled.

I now see it is not only certain foreign sites but certain Apps as well. For example, we use HOOPLA (the library connected app) which seems to block VPNs generally if the device is not connecting in a traditional way.

Its clearly the VPN itself that is causing the issue BUT from what I see there is no way to disable it even if only temporarily. Note I have tried turning off the VPN and it automatically reverts back on


Any thoughts?