Four lines for one incorrect phone?

  • 5 February 2022
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So I went into a store fully prepared to Port two numbers from AT&t over to T-Mobile military magenta Max. At that time they had just started the OnePlus on us promo as well as the iPhone 13 on us promo for opening new lines. Mind you neither of these promos at the time required any trade just new lines being activated. Going into the store talk to the service manager they were limited on stock. But they would be more than happy to order what we wanted. So what we were supposed to received was a OnePlus 9 pro, the only other stock available was a32 by Samsung decent phone but no thank you. So the manager goes and activates a new line after knowing she was supposed to be porting the two numbers I don't know what happened there puts the SIM card in the phone. Bang it's good to go hands the phone over cuz I'm looking at the phone I noticed there's a camera missing and also the color of the phone doesn't quite look like the one that was advertised it's got this weird pinky purple to it but I figured it was just because I was in the store like everything's hot pink in there so you can't tell a silver phone you know isn't just reflecting. Well it turns out what I got was a nine not a nine pro. And then without any of the other stock at the same time somehow there were four more lines SIM cards with level 5 360 protection plans which are $18 a piece activated as well which seemed odd so I had to pay taxes and activation on all of those and here we are nearly two weeks later. I've still not received the phone that I paid for which was the 9 pro. I'm not going to spend more money on more devices and whatnot when they can't get one right but is that normal practice. I have one wrong phone that I can't get a return package for for some reason. Three completely covered lines that is covering nothing nearly $300 phone bill for what. And 15 different sets of csrs and their managers only seemed in all of that time frame to honor a promotion for a phone that I was sort of kind of tricked into buying I think. So now I've already paid activation fees and taxes and all that fun stuff on these other lines that don't exist, and it's becoming harder to get any definitive information on you know sign up promos new line promos you know the things that happen when you add new lines and you've already paid for the stuff but I didn't have access to because there was no stock to be had. And every time you talk to a customer service representative whether it be online chat which is really the only thing available because if you want to talk to someone in person. Every single female that I've spoken to which of there has been four has told me that I have no access to my own account unless I give her my social security number. Is all of this normal or is this complete Insanity? Because the level of disrespect that I have felt since attempting to switch is monumental, especially from a company who claims to recognize veterans and survivors of the United States armed forces. All I want is my numbers ported the device and the lines that I paid for with the promotion that Drew me to transition from another company that T-Mobile has still yet to do successfully on the designated plan that I chose. Is that too far out of simple realm of possibility? There was even a customer representative who made a direct phone call to me who tried to have me type prompt commands that would delete my entire customer service chat thread. I'm just kind of bewildered by this entire process, is this standard and why can no employee seem to answer any question. Or actually do anything in regards to the stock the service the equipment or the troubleshooting of any therein?

2 replies


Well I thought someone from team magenta might say something. My grandson says he's got 62000 followers. He asked if I wanted him to post my inquiry. I'm thinking that might be my best option.

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the site here is primarily peer to peer with a handful of moderators/admins to keep the site in order only..they do not have account access.. if you are needing assistance you might opt to call them or contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..the later two will land you with tier 2 support instead of the call in tier 1 support.