Free data for life not working - anyone else?

  • 31 December 2018
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I've had "Free Data for life" on my tablet for a couple of years now.  In July 2018 or so, it suddenly stopped working.  I've already spent hours on the phone and a few more hours in store talking to support, after which they promised to get back to me (they never did).  The device can access the T-mobile homepage just fine (so it's not a hardware issue).  It just can't connect anywhere else, as if it's being blocked.

Anyone else having any problem with "Free data for life"?  I'm in the SF Bay area, California, if that matters.

I don't seem to have much leverage since it's not like I can ask for a refund...


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26 replies


A year or two ago it showed my free data line was expiring. I called T-Mobile and they said it was just a glitch in the system and would be resolved. I called multiple times and they said the same thing every time. Then the free data for life disappeared and no amount of escalation or tforce could help with it. They kept blaming it on random things and couldn’t put it back on. Eventually I gave up and it was pretty frustrating. 


I did get an email from T-Mobile that the FDFL account was restored. This was a few weeks later.

By then it was too late. I had already given the tablet away.


Just as well. The Alcatel tablet had only 4GB of storage space. After all the required apps, I could only install 1 or 2 other apps.


But it sounds like FDFL is a T-Mobile broken promise. Pathetic.