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  • 3 September 2021
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I got an email over a year ago for a free line no strings attached. the email said make an appointment today. I did but because of covid it took longer than a week to get to the T mobile shop. anyways the offer expired and now I'm super pissed. wish I had never seen that email. called and spoke to some Indian guy and he said they make the offers all the time especially around Christmas and end of year. Haven't seen crap and its been over a year later. 


Does anyone know when if they still offer no strings attached free lines? and when? or was this all bait and switch?



3 replies

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All Tmobile promos have an end date you just need to look at the fine print.

You just need to wait for a new offer. I’m on the 55+ plan and around every Christmas I get an offer for a free line.


yeah i didnt read the fine print. said it only lasted a week and then later i learned i could do it over the phone since i was going to activate an old phone for my daughter. i didn't even have to go in for an in person appointment like the stupid email said.


how many lines do you have on your plane Gramps?

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Just 2. I really don’t need anymore.

When we added a line for a niece she never paid and used up all her allotted minutes in the first week so she finally left the plan after a couple of months and we had to hold onto that line for 2 years so we didn’t get charged an ETF. This was before unlimited text and talk .