How can I contact the Fraud Department?

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Does anyone have an unpublished way to contact the Fraud Department?

This whole setup at T-Mobile is pathetic. This internal department exists that can deactivate an account on a whim, and no one can contact them. Customer Care can't get a hold of them; the number they used to have was deactivated. The store support teams can't contact them; the best they can do is open a case and wait to hear back.

How is this acceptable when T-Mobile sells itself as the friendly, no BS carrier? I'm paid up on my charges (it's a brand new account), but my account was marked fraudulent in the middle of a porting process. You deactivated not only my T-Mobile services, but also terminated my old carrier's plan due to the port. I also have no guarantee as of now that I'll be keeping my number.

Everyone I contact just quotes the standard "24 to 48 hours" response for fraud responses, but that's unacceptable.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, pray that you never travel frequently or try to make account changes while travelling. T-Mobile will make getting basic cellular service an absolute hell.


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I understand how frustrating this is but did you try reaching out to T-Force?

We have all tried so many different ways. It’s a scam that you all are part of and it needs to be dealt with through the courts very soon if this doesn’t resolve itself.


Here, with the supposed "un-carrier" there's no way to directly deal with this issue or follow up. T-Mobile's own employees can't do anything!

Necro post, I know, BUUUT…

UN-carrier should tell you everything you want to know. They literally tell you right there how much of an UN carrier they really are. They UNcare, and are as much as an UN-carrier as any other corporate dump heap company is. They are being truthful in saying they are UN carrier and are laughing at people who don’t realize their tag line tells people they only sell a service and do as little as possible to care about your problems and frustrations with said UN caring service. lol.