How do I redeem Netflix on us if I have an existing Netflix account

  • 5 July 2019
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This isn't as clearly documented as it probably should be.  I have a Netflix account.  I have an eligible T-Mobile plan for "Netflix on Us". What is the entire process, soup to nuts, on 1) enabling this feature on T-Mobile, and 2) updating my existing Netflix account to that I get the $8.99 credit from T-Mobile, per month.

Many thanks for any accurate, detailed information!


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Everything you need to know is here: Netflix On Us

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Everything you need to know is here: Netflix On Us

These directions don't appear to be correct.  I've tried to click "Manage Netflix" on my cell and on my computer with IE and with Chrome.  It just keeps taking me to a screen that doesn't align with the directions.  Nowhere can I log into my existing Netflix account.  Are these instructions still accurate?

If your existing Netflix plan also includes a DVD rental subscription, then you will not be able to connect your existing Netflix account to the T-Mobile’s plan.  You either have to create a new Netflix streaming account and use that to connect with T-Mobile’s plan, or cancel your DVD plan ( and create a new DVD plan using a different email address for account management -  that is what I am trying to do now)

Everything you need to know is here: Netflix On Us

That’s great, but when I click your “Netflix On Us” link, it just leads back to this discussion!