How quickly will T-Mobile reassign a deactivated phone number?

  • 1 December 2023
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I used to study in the US and had a US number with T-Mobile, which is gonna be deactivated soon. I plan on getting a new phone number in my home country in the few upcoming days, but I don't want to lose my WhatsApp information. I know that as long as the phone number isn't reassigned and logged into a new WhatsApp account, I won't encounter any issues, but I don't know how long T-Mobile will wait to reassign a recently deactivated phone number. I would appreciate any info on this if anyone has any.


Thank you.


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As soon as the account is closed, the number enters the pool to be reassigned.  If you have a prepaid account and there has been no active plan for 60 days, then the account will close and the number will enter the pool to be reassigned.