How to activate a new simcard?

  • 5 December 2018
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I have a new sim card and one tmobile activation code. How I can to activate it? I can't find a special link on the


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6 replies

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You will need to follow these steps and most likely reach out to care in order to activate the SIM.  Please keep in mind that if you do not have a way to verify a one time PIN that they will send to a line on the account, you will need to go to the store and present a photo ID in order to get it activated.

I did everything to change an old junk blackberry device and got a new sim card. BUT after hours of checking on site and customer service they could not help. They can not even speak properly and mumble. T mobile may be the lousiest business ever ripping off consumers. I wish I never have to deal with your horrible customer service.

Changing a sim should be simple but you make it horrible. SHame on you and I will never forgive you for wasting my evening

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Yikes! I hate that you had a bad experience trying to update a SIM card.  You are absolutely right that it should be a very easy process.  I know I can't change what has already happened, but were you given an explanation as to why your Blackberry couldn't be activated?  If you provide me with the Model/Style of Blackberry, I will be glad do some research and see if you have any alternatives.

no way to follow website's advice (due to it now being outdated) guess I have to call since I can't activate it online now? [Phone > Change SIM is not an option under line]

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Hey, @magenta10136930​!

What type of account do you have (prepaid or postpaid)? If prepaid, that's likely why you're not seeing the option and in that case I recommend you  Community-2153​.

I spent 5 hours on Chat and 3 hours on the phone and not one person can help me.  I have been a Sprint customer FOR 20 YEARS AND AM BEING FORCED TO CANCEL MY CONTRACT because my T Mobile SIM CARD will not work on our phones because we live in a rural area, our old SIM cards work just fine.  GREAT IDEA T MOBILE I will be notifying all the social media sites, yelp, yellow pages, etc. Better Business Bureau, Pissed Off Consumer and Everyone on the Internet that I can find on how you have treated a 20 year customer.  What poor customer service.  Unreal.