How to package old phone for trade-in

  • 18 April 2021
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TLDR; when trading in your phone through the mail, are you supposed to receive a trade-in kit in the mail seperately to send your old phone in? Or do you have to go in the store and ask them to do it for you? 

So I’m supposed to send in my old phone as part of the trade-in process, and I’m confused on how to send them my old phone? I’ve received the new phone...and when I made the arrangements in store they said I should receive a separate box to mail in my old phone with all the information on how to do it inside, but I’ve yet to receive it, and it’s been about 5 days since the order was made, 3 days since having the phone they sent me.

I looked at the shipping label on my order status and I scanned the code to either schedule a pick up or go to the post office- If I go to the post office will they package it for me? Is it similar to like an Amazon return or do I have to package it myself?

I honestly feel like the answer is so simple and for some reason it’s just going right over my head. Should I maybe just use the package it came in and smack the pre-paid shipping label on top of the old one and send it in???
Much confusion. Need halp. Very thanks!

3 replies

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I would suggest packaging it yourself.  I wrapped my last trade-in with a few layers of thick bubble wrap to make sure it fitted snuggly in the box I was using to send it in.  Personally, the last time I sent my trade-in, I paid for UPS because of the backlog USPS has and I also wanted insurance and signature required on what I was sending, just in case they tried to say they didn’t receive it. 

You should be able to find the link in your account to preprint the shipping label and everything that needs to be attached to the outside of your box and also placed inside.  If you can’t find that, call Customer Care and they will e-mail it to you along with instructions.  

I definitely agree that the whole process is in dire need of improvement.

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You want to document the phone’s condition by photographing it before packing. Double check that the IMEI matches what’s on the paperwork and be sure to get the tracking number. Treat the phone like it is worth the entire value of whatever deal is depending on its safe arrival.

Having the same issue, plus I live 100 miles from the closest store,

To top that off I'm an old man who's computer illiterate,

Have no access to a printer or ability to use it if I did, why in the world can't TMobile physically send me the box with label attached to simplify this process?


Apart from that, not all the info from old phone transferred to new one,


I've been trying to make contact with a living breathing person to maybe set an appointment at the store 100 miles away for when I make the drive for help, 

I'm not going to be a happy camper if I'm not able to solve every problem with one trip to town, I won't be making a second trip as a TMobile customer