How to port out of family plan and change to individual plan

  • 5 March 2021
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What should I do if I want to leave a current family plan I am in and change to a individual plan?

I am not the primary account holder for this family plan so does the primary account holder need to do anything or I can just port out on my own?


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if im remembering right the PAH would have to basically let TMO know they are allowing the phone/number to be removed so it can go to its own account. brother ran into the same thing a few months ago.

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@fireguy_6364 is 100% correct if you are wishing to set up your own individual T-Mobile account. 

If the Primary Account Holder agreeable to the change, I would recommend that you dial 1-800-T-Mobile to initiate your account first, then have the PAH dial 611 to complete the change of responsibility.  It doesn’t matter if they call in first, but you’ll still need to speak to activations to start your account before your number can be transferred.

Please note, if you are making payments on a device through EIP (equipment installment plan), we will send you a link to a Docu-Sign website where you will sign an agreement to take over the payments.  If you fail to complete this step, your device payments will remain on the other account.  Also, if you have a Jump On Demand payment plan, you will not be able to move the device payments to a different account at all.

If you are hoping to port your number out to another carrier, you will need to obtain the account number and the PIN/Passcode on the account in order to complete the port.  You will also need to confirm that the PAH doesn’t have any port-out blocks on the account.

Hope this helps!


I’m wanting to leave a family plan to move to another carrier and trade in my device that has about $60 left on installment but I only have standard access to the account. The PAH and I are having personal issues so they are choosing to ignore me unfortunately, do I have any options that end favorably for me here?
Thanks in advance!

I am in the same situation as the above. I have an abusive mother and I need to get out of the family plan. I obviously cannot contact this person and I cannot change my number due to my job and various other professional reasons. 


Any advice as to how I can set up my own line? This is the last step to being completely free of this abusive person.