I cant recieve verification codes from certain sites?

  • 3 December 2018
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So I've been having this issue where I can't receive verification codes via text from sites like Amazon and Discover but I receive them phone from others. Is this a problem on tmobiles side? I've been talking with Amazon customer service to fix the problem considering I can't use many of the smart home device features but it hasn't gotten anywhere... -_-


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it would sound like you need to verify that all of these accounts that use your phone number for text verification had the right number on record. Also take a look at any apps that screen calls or texts that ID and make sure that those verification texts are not being filtered as spam or scam.

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Are you able to receive any texts from short codes? I'm thinking you may have a block on the account that's preventing these verification codes from coming through. You can easily see if there's a block by taking a look at these steps: Content Blocking​. If you do not have a block on the account, I'd strongly recommend calling 611 or working with T-Force over Facebook / Twitter because a network ticket may need to be filed with the specific companies you cannot receive these codes from.

I have this same problem.  Many sites work but several inclding BenefitWallet, social security, and others simply never go through.  It’s really frustrating.

has this issue been fixed yet? I am still trying to get verification codes from social security to no avail.

I came in and turned off content blocking but, no dice.

more than frustrating really...

Same here. The issue seem to be widespread: Amazon, Turbotax and my bank are all impacted. For me 2-factor authentication works only for t-mobile. I have not enabled any content filtering.

My problem was resolved after contacting support.

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Thanks for the update, @magenta10147075​! I'm glad you were able to contact us and get it squared away. 😊

In case anyone else has this issue it is a default setting on t-mobile to block and doesn't show on the blocked page. Just contact support and they will unblock and it will work.

This is Frustrating! I am so sick and tired of dealing with T-Mobile trying to fix problems They have caused through no fault of my own. Every single time I do this somehow my account gets screwed up wish than what it was before. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to call in for help anymore because I know that’s going to screw up my phone. I can’t transfer money between my bank accounts because I’m not getting these damn security codes it really pisses me off I’m sick of T-Mobile


I called T-Mobile technical support (611). The technician said that my phone/account default setting was not allowing to receive short codes, basically verification/authentication codes, in text messaging.

The representative reset my phone to allow to receive short codes. Now, I am able to receive authentication codes from Amazon, Microsoft Office/Outlook email, and Comcast/Xfinity.


I tried to contact support but all they said was everything was open.  They did not help at all I’m still having the same problem. 

Good luck getting through to them. I spent 45 minutes on hold listening to Elevator Beatles before I hung up in frustration. Not being able to receive otp codes is a recent problem on my device. I don't know what changed. I'll get an Apple iPhone, change numbers and go to Verizon and see if that fixes the problem.