I Feel Cheated and Deceived with T-Mobile lies and false advertisement.

  • 16 June 2022
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At kiosk inside Costco had checked and verified if I qualified for the free line offer and they signed me up after saying that I did qualify.  But T-Mobile kept charging me every month for that additional line.  When I contacted T-Mobile, initially they said I did qualify for the offer, and they would look into the matter, and they would fix it.   They also gave me credit on my account.  Month later when I didn’t hear from them, I saw the charges on my bill again, I called them back again.  They said the same thing and gave me credit again.  Third month, when I saw the charges again, I contacted T-mobile. This time they started telling me that there was no offer from T-Mobile like the one I was offered.  It must have been the store’s special offer and told me that I should talk to Costco to resolve the issue.  Costco Kiosk generated the incident ticket and told me after three months that T-mobile has resolved this issue and I should contact them but they wouldn’t tell me what the resolution was.  When I contacted T-mobile, they are telling I didn’t qualify for the offer,  I was told wrong and they cannot do anything now.  The supervisor even said that if I didn’t like their solution to the issue, I should go back to Verizon from where I switched that line.  Later, I got a text message saying they have addressed all my concerns and that is a lie.  

I feel very deceived and cheated.  I do not know where I can take my complaint to, so I am writing here, hoping someone from T-Mobile may look into this and consider helping me.

4 replies

File compiles on BBB and get all the evidences you could get to sue T-Mobile over California law of false advertisement. 

I have been battling the same issue. Was sold a bunch of bull**** to get me to switch over. Sure, the customer service reps are friendly,  but basically sell you more BS and then supervisors say there is nothing they can do about it.  

They offer the free phones and then you cannot cancel until they are paid off unless you want to pay them in full on the spot. I will never recommend them,  and will tell everyone to stay away. FALSE ADVERTISING to say the least. 

T-Mobile did the same thing to me . I was with Verizon and didn’t really like the service , so I contacted T-Mobile and they told me I qualified for the keep and switch promotion , so I gave it a shot . Signed up , switched my service , but they had a problem porting my numbers and I was without service for 3 days while they were trying to fix it . Never got fixed , they then forced me to change both of my numbers , but assured me I still qualified for keep and switch and that my devices from Verizon would be paid off . 5 months later I receive a bill from Verizon for both of the devices ! They never paid them off !!!!! I called 3 times to demand an answer and the rebate team said that I don’t qualify because I changed my phone numbers !!!! I told them it was their fault because these nit wits couldn’t get my numbers to port over correctly and explained they forced me to change it ! They basically said oh well we’re not paying for the devices !!! I hate this phone company !!!! I’m cancelling first chance I get and will be filing a complaint with BBB ! False advertisement 

I will be leaving once my Good Faith credit from them is gone. Long story shortened, I was promised a certain price in store if I switched. This was a insider discount with 3rd line free and a BOGO line. After months and 13 pages of screenshots to prove all of this I get a supervisor that tells me they cannot override the system to match what I was promised because a store rep used a code that was already used too many times. So I have hometown discount instead of what I was promised with no free lines again as promised and because they cannot fix their system, meanwhile trying to for months to do so, she decided to try and make me happy with a $810 credit that I would be saving yearly if I had what was promised. This is only for the first year then I will be paying $810 more a year. 

I took the credit but once its gone so am I and my 8 Lines!

I will never step foot back in their stores or use the service ever, ever again. This bridge has been burnt and everyone will know how I feel about T-Mobile.