I Feel Cheated and Deceived with T-Mobile lies and false advertisement.

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At kiosk inside Costco had checked and verified if I qualified for the free line offer and they signed me up after saying that I did qualify.  But T-Mobile kept charging me every month for that additional line.  When I contacted T-Mobile, initially they said I did qualify for the offer, and they would look into the matter, and they would fix it.   They also gave me credit on my account.  Month later when I didn’t hear from them, I saw the charges on my bill again, I called them back again.  They said the same thing and gave me credit again.  Third month, when I saw the charges again, I contacted T-mobile. This time they started telling me that there was no offer from T-Mobile like the one I was offered.  It must have been the store’s special offer and told me that I should talk to Costco to resolve the issue.  Costco Kiosk generated the incident ticket and told me after three months that T-mobile has resolved this issue and I should contact them but they wouldn’t tell me what the resolution was.  When I contacted T-mobile, they are telling I didn’t qualify for the offer,  I was told wrong and they cannot do anything now.  The supervisor even said that if I didn’t like their solution to the issue, I should go back to Verizon from where I switched that line.  Later, I got a text message saying they have addressed all my concerns and that is a lie.  

I feel very deceived and cheated.  I do not know where I can take my complaint to, so I am writing here, hoping someone from T-Mobile may look into this and consider helping me.

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File compiles on BBB and get all the evidences you could get to sue T-Mobile over California law of false advertisement. 

I have been battling the same issue. Was sold a bunch of bull**** to get me to switch over. Sure, the customer service reps are friendly,  but basically sell you more BS and then supervisors say there is nothing they can do about it.  

They offer the free phones and then you cannot cancel until they are paid off unless you want to pay them in full on the spot. I will never recommend them,  and will tell everyone to stay away. FALSE ADVERTISING to say the least. 

T-Mobile did the same thing to me . I was with Verizon and didn’t really like the service , so I contacted T-Mobile and they told me I qualified for the keep and switch promotion , so I gave it a shot . Signed up , switched my service , but they had a problem porting my numbers and I was without service for 3 days while they were trying to fix it . Never got fixed , they then forced me to change both of my numbers , but assured me I still qualified for keep and switch and that my devices from Verizon would be paid off . 5 months later I receive a bill from Verizon for both of the devices ! They never paid them off !!!!! I called 3 times to demand an answer and the rebate team said that I don’t qualify because I changed my phone numbers !!!! I told them it was their fault because these nit wits couldn’t get my numbers to port over correctly and explained they forced me to change it ! They basically said oh well we’re not paying for the devices !!! I hate this phone company !!!! I’m cancelling first chance I get and will be filing a complaint with BBB ! False advertisement 

I will be leaving once my Good Faith credit from them is gone. Long story shortened, I was promised a certain price in store if I switched. This was a insider discount with 3rd line free and a BOGO line. After months and 13 pages of screenshots to prove all of this I get a supervisor that tells me they cannot override the system to match what I was promised because a store rep used a code that was already used too many times. So I have hometown discount instead of what I was promised with no free lines again as promised and because they cannot fix their system, meanwhile trying to for months to do so, she decided to try and make me happy with a $810 credit that I would be saving yearly if I had what was promised. This is only for the first year then I will be paying $810 more a year. 

I took the credit but once its gone so am I and my 8 Lines!

I will never step foot back in their stores or use the service ever, ever again. This bridge has been burnt and everyone will know how I feel about T-Mobile.

T-Mobile engages in FALSE ADVERTISING. I saw the "Keep and Switch" program and decided to move over from AT&T.

They've been giving me the run around for weeks. I paid off the balance of my phone with AT&T, have given them ALL required information via email and they still refuse to reimburse me.

They are claiming I have not provided the info and refuse to address this. Looks like it's time to let the lawyers handle this if they advertise and promise certain things and refuse to hold up their end of the bargain.

And honestly - T-Mobile reception is garbage. Spotty reception, internet is slow to load on data. AT&T is way better. 

If T-Mobile continues these dishonest business practices I see a CLASS ACTION suit down the line.

Make a complaint with the BBB , that’s what I did and they finally reimbursed me for $1600. I’m leaving them anyway because they are way too expensive anymore 

That’s what they did to me. Said the phone iPhone 14 is on them, and now they charging me for the phone, or to be more exact for the difference between the “credit” and the new phone. I will be doing the same. BBB. Maybe even a law suit. 

the supervisor on the phone told me to go back to the store. BS. 
be aware

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That’s what they did to me. Said the phone iPhone 14 is on them, and now they charging me for the phone, or to be more exact for the difference between the “credit” and the new phone. I will be doing the same. BBB. Maybe even a law suit. 

the supervisor on the phone told me to go back to the store. BS. 
be aware

did you pay off the device that was linked to that free to you device early?

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IF you got a free line promo then it’s broken down differently than actually showing the line free.


for example IF you had 3 lines and 4th line free for example.  These are not exact numbers.

4 lines = 200 without the promotion  60+50+45+45

4 lines = 160 with promotion. 60+50+20+20

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T-Mobile scammed me said that I could get two phones and a computer free if I switched from cricket. Did it. Zero service in my area... Items and service can not be used. Cancelled. Oh boy they didn't want that. They want you to pay for the two phones and a computer that have no service. Because that makes sense right. 😂 Bbb them talk to Mike the CEO. Told me no worries they made a mistake and they would fix it. They took the two phones off the bill and then bill me for the crappy unusable Chromebook. So I fcc and now bbb them because I got a collections notice now. Of course I disputed that so they could never get that yet.. maybe legal action is required....maybe they will get it then.

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Make a complaint with the BBB , that’s what I did and they finally reimbursed me for $1600. I’m leaving them anyway because they are way too expensive anymore 

It's the only way seriously. 

My wife has a iPhone 12 that was fully paid off from T mobile and was just laying about in our home. We went to Jamaica for 3 days and when we returned T mobile charged us $700.00 for roaming whilst overseas. We paid $500.00 and was placed on a payment plan for the additional $200. We called T mobile to unlock the sim lock that was placed on the old iPhone twelve , because we are going back to Jamaica and we don’t wanna incur the $700 roaming charges again. T mobile basically informed us that even though the iPhone 12 is fully paid off , we would have to settle the $200 payment before they could remove the sim lock off the old old iPhone 12 .   They are basically holding us hostage …. Seems like we’re gonna have to pay an additional $700 again when we return from jamaica. They are very dishonest…

Tmobile is by far the worst business to get involved with from the start! And in regards to them giving you a run around I'd honestly say that maybe everyone should start speaking with their state's attorney General and if that gets yall nowhere then lawyer up and take em to court or arbitration and then sue em for theft and deception. I can honestly tell you that again this is by far the worst business that I personally have ever dealt with in my life and back in the early 2000's these were the places our higher ups in the Marine Corps worked us all about! Their shady as all can be and sit there and promise to correct any problems that you may have. I've been with them for a little over a year unfortunately and it seems like it's been even longer than that but have been put through the ringer as far as losing a brand new phone at a store and them claiming to not be able to track where it has ended up and insisting that I can only file a claim and pay the $140 and that I'd be sent a brand new phone which I'd done and wasn't to thrilled when I was sent a used S22 ultra that had been gouged up with scratches all over the screen and keep in mind that I'd only had my phone for 3 1/2 weeks before losing it at our local store. And the sad fact is that I have been getting emails with someone else's name from Samsung routinely ever since they grabbed my original phone and turned it off . And his name is Andrew which my name is not. But then Tmobile tried saying that I owed them over $1190 for not returning the original phone and then when I had received the text stating that they'd deducted that amount from my checking account I flipped out and they again stated that I was supposed to return my old device after the replacement was sent to me which I couldn't return a lost device hence the reasoning for the insurance and paying the deductible on top of the monthly fees for the insurance... It literally took me until Aug to get refunded the amount that they'd deducted from my bank account and now they've been charging me for the whole Netflix while not Informing Netflix that I'm a customer of their's and that it is being payed for along with my bill through them and for the past 5 months Netflix has been charging my wife's account for the streaming service as well because Tmobile claims to have fixed the problem with this and she was just charged again this month while I was as well. I'm thinking that maybe it's time to get a class action going and pay em back for their heinous activities and unwarranted stress as well as their thievery and deception! All in favor please reach out to me and let me know and I'll get that ball rolling! Good luck and please let me know 🙏 

Was in Costco was trying to get my phone bill reduced . Was with Verizon all my phones were paid for. Told the dishonest sales rep I just wanted to switch providers . He then said T Mobile was doing a promotion if you switched to them from Verizon you would get new phones . I questioned this with his supervisor  over & over. Well that was a big fat lie. You call in they make up some BS lie about it wasn't on my phone. Surprised Costco  would allow them to still be in there stores. 

Costo Bradenton, FL

Retail Associate Manager : Ryan Felden E Mail :

Mobile Expert : Cory Richter E Mail :

Both of these jerks lied to my face. 

Make a complaint with the BBB , that’s what I did and they finally reimbursed me for $1600. I’m leaving them anyway because they are way too expensive anymore 

I already did. Will see what happens. 

I was with metro and kept getting mail about switching. The lady sold me an upgraded plan even though I didn't want to pay that much.she said for switching I would get the 2 new phones a 3rd free line and $200 in virtual gift card per line. $600 in credits sounded nice. Fast forward my promotion was denied because I didn't switch from a qualifying carrier.. THEY KNEW WHO I WAS WITH WHEN I SIGNED UP. Now they can't help me. I'm paying a higher bill for no reason

They will make up lies to fit there narrative every time. I Am waiting on a reply from BBB. See what happens. 



I’ll pile on and note I had a very deceiving and negative experience with TMobile online Support/Sales.  I spent almost 4 hours in a chat session and on the phone with them trying to get an equipment upgrade as they advertised up to $1000 off of an upgrade to a Samsung S24 Ultra.  I currently have a Samsung S21 Ultra.  The offer noted that the upgrade was available at that level with an upgrade of a plan to the Go5GPlus plan, so I went through the process of upgradinding first and then with the same sales rep (Danilo) started the upgrade process for the device, ensuring along the way in my chat session that I was on the right plan, that the previous warranty claim that I just closed on my S21 Ultra wouldn't impact the offer (I had a screen replaced and the phone is in mint condition), all with assurances I ‘could believe the deal’.  Well, after finishing the upgrade requests and signing all of the agreements, I receive a text message stating that the trade in value of my S21 Ultra was $175.00.  What deceptive advertising!  I will be cancelling the upgrade and then will proceed to find another carrier as soon as the upgrade credits from almost 2 years ago on my spouses phone are complete.