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  • 10 December 2021
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I had Sprint, and fully switched to the T-Mobile network a few weeks ago. Since then, my incoming caller ID has shown some calls as “Scam Likely”, and there’s no way to see the number until it’s in the missed call log. Yesterday, a call came in as “Credit One Bank” and I didn’t answer because I didn’t know what that was. Turned out to be my veterinarian office calling! Didn’t know until I herd the voicemail.


Is there a way to just get the phones numbers to display for incoming calls? 

3 replies

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There’s a Scam Blocker app that shows the calls shortly after they are diverted. It also allows you to flag callers as Not Scam so that you will get calls from that number.

This does not solve the problem.  I have Scam Blocker turned off and still shows up

Need to know the # of person calling when they are calling

Store said no way to turn off, this is a deal breaker

#662# to enable

#632# to disable