International charge 500$ from my account

  • 16 December 2019
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i joined t-mobile couple of months back as i'm new to this country. I don't know the rules how exactly the billing works here. I'm charge for international charge 500$ i explained my situation to one of their associate, they told me that as concern they can waive of this bill once it got generated and he told me to call to them to make sure after couple of weeks. I called them today they are saying like that is charge you need to pay i talk to different associates in Richmond area but nothing they did. Likewise same thing happen to my friend in AT&T they wave the full amount of 300$ from their account.My suggestion is if you are new to this country please don't prefer this network they will charge you more forget about customer experience they want to charge the money that's the prime motto.


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5 replies

I'm having trouble parsing your English. Did you call foreign phones that were roaming in the US?

I called a number whether it is international number or local number i don't know. By mistake i called some international number through my mobile.

Well, international calls are expensive. You need to be careful about the numbers you call. There are apps for Android that will block international calls.

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Oh goodness.

Hm. So, I'm not able to view accounts from here on Support. My suggestion would be to reach out to T-Force on FB or Twitter to see if there are any notes from the rep who made the promise documented on the account.

Unfortunately international charges like that aren't something we typically waive because they aren't charged by us, they're what the other carrier is charging and we simply pass the charge over.

If there's documentation of the promise, T-Force may be able to help.



I have been charged altogether approx. $600 for 200 minutes of talk to India- ridiculous-it was written only 20c/min in the international plan but they have charged $3 per minutes.nowhere in contract that number has been shown. Then Tmbobile doesnt have a ticket system to raise, no email service, no chat service. Only phone line -that is -expected delay with 90 minutes all the time. Horrible customer service. Nobody even to listen to!