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  • 21 December 2021
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I was told at T Mobile that I could receive $800 for my iPhone 11 which would go towards my bill for the iphone 13 pro max. The bill is originally $36 for 30 months before the credit. They printed the labels & told me that I needed to send it in. When I get home I see that the label said customer accepted value $180. Which is very untrue. No price other than $800 was discussed if I knew it was only worth $180 I wouldn’t of accepted the phone. Did this happen to you? If so were you able to return whatever phone you accepted & get out of contract? Or complain & get more than what was on your label.

6 replies

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Promotions state “up to”, not guaranteed.  Some promotions give you the difference between the trade-in value and promotional offering in monthly credits, applied over the financing term of the new device.  Those promotional monthly credits can take up to 2 months under normal circumstances to start to appear on your account.  

They just pulled the same thing with me. Now saying I can’t get $800 when I was told 3 times I would. Scam.

Well, they did the same thing to me….  they received the phone (I phone 11) and they are not able to see that they received it… they have no real answer just that i sent i wrong device 

I asked them about this once, and they told me that the promo value I get is broken into two allotments.

The actual value of the phone, and then the promotional credits.…


So I saw 120 for my trade in value of device, then they took the rest of the value (mine was 500) remnant value was 320, so that's what got broken into credits toward my payments.

Happens to me, told me I’d get $850 with 650 applied to bill over 2 years and 200 back. Once I sent my phone in they did the same thing they did to you and tried to tell me I would only get less than $200. The agent who convicted me to switch over changed the detains to increase the amount of their commission. My black iPhone 11 128 gbs was listed as a red iPhone 11 256 gbs. 

I had to live chat around 4 different times and each time it was “solved” but then I would get an email about an issue with my trade. Finally the last time I called they gave me the promised amount. I was making them check my chat logs to see where I was promised a certain amount and I’m not sure if they played back my phone calls but I was asking them to


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Is this a scam by T-mobile?

I am trying to trade in our iPhone 11 64gb (to iPhone 14 126gb) and it shows that on my account to choose. Later though it shows it as iPhone 11 256gb - why?  Is this deception to entice me with a higher trade in value then later get my phone and reneg on it?