iPhone 12 sim question

  • 15 November 2020
  • 2 replies


Hi, I recently got an iphone 12 pro to replace my iphone X. In the past i have always just moved my sim card to my new phone and called it a day. After some reading it seems i need to use the new sim card that was included with my phone to fully utilize 5g. I have already sent my trade in X back. 


I have the new sim sitting here but don’t know how to activate it. If i remove the old X sim from the 12, put the new one in,  go to the tmobile and choose change/upgrade sim it tries to send a text to verify my identity which i don’t get the message because the old sim is sitting on my desk. There is a face id verification method too but that doesnt work and tries to send a text too. 


So i am unsure what to do.. i tried calling support and there is a 3 hour wait to talk to someone. I know its covid, but 3 hour wait. I have been a customer 15 years and kinda disappointed with everything right now.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

2 replies

With the new SIM in your iPhone, write down the ICCID number found near the bottom of the list in Settings->General->About. Then put your old SIM that still has service back into the phone so you can receive the verification text message, and move ahead with the SIM change process in your online account. The ICCID number is what you need when it asks for the new SIM card info. You can put the new SIM back into the phone when you’re done, it doesn’t have to be in the phone while changing it online. The 5G compatible SIM card has “R15” printed on it.

Activate your esim instead or simply add a digits line so you can access your inbox from an alternative device that will be able to receive the code