iPhone XS Order "Kept On Hold"

  • 22 September 2018
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Hi I recently upgraded my Son's phone to the iPhone XS and when I check the order status it says "Kept on Hold." What does this mean?


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5 replies

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Hey there! Did you reach out to care to get an update on the order status? Did you receive any other messages regarding the funds available or any errors?

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That error is usually shows for devices that are backordered or there might have been a hiccup with the credit card payment? Have you contacted one of our Experts already?

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Happy Wednesday, @kton4​!

As mentioned, this status usually means that the card you placed the order with needs to be updated. Did you recently update your card? If not, we'd recommend getting in touch with us using a method found here: Community-2153​, if you haven't already.

Had this happen over the weekend. Spoke to an expert however here we are Wednesday and I am still in the “kept on hold status”. I suppose I will be calling again.

Your “experts” don’t know what they’re doing. I keep getting conflicting information from each “expert” I talk to. Much like those about me I’m still on “kept on hold” status. I ordered my device in store but haven’t been able to find reliable help yet.