Is SCAM Blocking Active?

  • 19 April 2017
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Back when it was first announced, I sent a #662# to request SCAM call blocking. Since then I've been getting calls IDed as "Scam Likely", which I'm able to ignore. Thank you kindly for the service, T-Mobile, But, the calls are not automatically blocked. Do I need to resend the #662#? Is SCAM call blocking actually in service? What's the story?


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9 replies

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If you click on the number it gives you the option to block it.

Understood but these SCAM calls come from use-once, faked numbers. It does no good to put them on your blocked callers list. I want T-Mobile to send them to the bit bucket.

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From what I've seen, the Scam Block should be blocking those scammers once the system identifies it. I'm curious, have you gotten spam call from the same number?

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#787# iirc checks to see if it is enabled.

There are two options for the scam identity; you can set it to only identify the number as a probable/possible scam (which is what you have it set on), or you can block ALL calls that are identified as a possible scam. If you activate the later option, there is a chance that some legitimate calls will be totally blocked; it is not a perfect system.

It is your choice. You can make the choice on your account page.

I resent the blocking code a few days ago. I checked the status and was informed that blocking is active. I don't think I've gotten any "Scam Likely" calls since resending the code.

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glad it got resolved

Why isn’t #662# working for me? Every time I try and blocking scam calls it says “unable to process this request” why is that ??????  

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what plan are you on?