Is there a charge for turning on 4k UHD Video under "Set Media Preferences"?

  • 3 June 2022
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We have Magenta Max and we saw this setting for 4K ultra streaming under “Set Media Preferences” that was off. When I turned it on I got a text saying thanks for purchasing 4k Ultra.

Is there a charge of it?

2 replies

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No, I have Magenta Max 55+ with 2 lines and have it enabled on both lines - never a charge despite the confusing text messages sent when enabling or disabling it. It’s as advertised for Magenta Max. Have spoken with support and repeatedly request that they correct the message for Max subscribers.

P.S. While I’ve never streamed any actual 4K UHD content, the setting does appear to yield better overall quality (Full HD when streaming to my TV) whenever bandwidth is available to support it; and the 1080p option is more frequently available from the content providers when it’s enabled.


Wonderful….thanks for the info.