is there a limit on how many line can be added to the t-mobile one plan?

  • 7 October 2017
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is it just 12 line max, or i can add as many as i want?


Best answer by tmo_marissa 11 October 2017, 23:01

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At some point they want you to switch to a business account.

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Hi, @hephaestusanford​! You've got the number right -- the maximum number of voice lines possible on T-Mobile ONE is 12. We appreciate the ask! Have you hit the line limit? Is there something else we can do to help?

- Marissa


Hi - I understand this is a super old post - but I have the exact same question. Has it changed for t-mobile ONE plans, what is the maximum lines one account can have? 

I read it is possible to add 13+ lines just require deposits for one year. If so, how many lines after 12th with deposit?

Like to confirm. 

thank you.