Lack of Repair Centers in my area

  • 6 February 2023
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I think T-Mobile should invest in repair centers in the Baltimore and surrounding counties.  My daughter’s phone had a small crack on the screen, I took it in to upgrade and was advised to get the screen repaired in order to get the credit.  I pay the $18 a month for things like this. I called looking for a place to take the phone and there was nothing within  100 miles to get the screen repaired. That is a major inconvenience. The only one they had was heading towards Washington DC, which those who live in this area know traffic is horrendous.  This would require a day off work because of the couple hour drive to and from.  The only offer Assurion gave was to take it to a 3rd party which would have cost me probably about $200 plus( we checked years ago for another phone and that was the going price) or to spend $99 for a replacement phone. My whole goal was to just upgrade the phone and figured since I pay insurance that should have been acceptable since there are no repair centers in my area. Needless to say they got there $99 and really did not want to hear about not having any repair centers. I don’t live in the sticks and am debating whether to keep T-Mobile.  I have been a customer of Sprint since the 90’s and never had a problem with getting repairs.   I would like to thank the Representative at T-Mobile (Manager I believe) who gave me a credit on my phone bill for this.  It should not be this way. If we are paying for a service than they need alternate solutions for customer inconvenience when it is not our fault there are no centers locally.

2 replies

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Do you have any iFixIt shops in your area. One of the insurance companies just bought them and they do warranty repairs.

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Another place to try is ubrakeifix, it's owned by asurion.