My account no longer exist, how do you guys suppose I pay my outstanding bill?

  • 4 June 2022
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Dear T-Mobile customer service representative,

        I have a bill from earlier this year. I was notified through my credit bureau that it was sent to collections. How am I able to pay this afternoon Bill if you guys deleted my account. Your T-Mobile online account system says that my phone number don't even exist or my email so I guess you guys don't really care to get paid.

Good day,

Bryona D. X. Roberts

Current number :4057226598

last4 social: 1400 Bryona Roberts  

outstanding bill $400

March 23,1994  

Canceled service (T-Mobile) 4057199834

Account Pin 2733 or 273327

Device: Samsung Galaxy A11 


2 replies


This isn’t the right place to post that information. Use the customer service phone number or DM the tmobile facebook page.

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