Need receipt for phone purchase

  • 17 February 2018
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Hi, I am going to be taking my son's phone into an apple store to be looked at.  The email said we may need proof of purchase.  Can I get a copy of purchase receipt?


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Have you looked on your MyT-Mobile account?  I can tell you that this is a user supported forum and the T-Mobile employees that help and moderated on this site don't have account access.  If not on your My T-Mobile account you will have to contact T-Mobile thru one of these channels; Community-2153


  1. Login to your T-Mobile account @
  2. Click your "Login ID" in top right corner
  3. Choose "Account History"
  4. Then change drop-down from Past 90 Days to All 24 Months
  5. Choose Category "Documents"
  6. Look for entries similar to "Credit / ATM Receipts"
  7. Then you can search from most current up to 24 months past

If you need anything further or older you will need to contact T-Mobile Customer Service.

Need receipt for phone for warrantee purposes. Called T-Mobile.

They said they will email to me. I did not receive the email.

They said it may take 24 hour. Still no receipt.

I have already called on three separate days and reached different support person. Still no receipt.

Any suggestions?

(Receipt not available online because too long ago)


I  need a copy of my down payment of iPhone pro

I need a copy of my payment for purchasing my iPhones