Need receipt for phone purchase

  • 17 February 2018
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Hi, I am going to be taking my son's phone into an apple store to be looked at.  The email said we may need proof of purchase.  Can I get a copy of purchase receipt?


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Have you looked on your MyT-Mobile account?  I can tell you that this is a user supported forum and the T-Mobile employees that help and moderated on this site don't have account access.  If not on your My T-Mobile account you will have to contact T-Mobile thru one of these channels; Community-2153


  1. Login to your T-Mobile account @
  2. Click your "Login ID" in top right corner
  3. Choose "Account History"
  4. Then change drop-down from Past 90 Days to All 24 Months
  5. Choose Category "Documents"
  6. Look for entries similar to "Credit / ATM Receipts"
  7. Then you can search from most current up to 24 months past

If you need anything further or older you will need to contact T-Mobile Customer Service.

Need receipt for phone for warrantee purposes. Called T-Mobile.

They said they will email to me. I did not receive the email.

They said it may take 24 hour. Still no receipt.

I have already called on three separate days and reached different support person. Still no receipt.

Any suggestions?

(Receipt not available online because too long ago)


I  need a copy of my down payment of iPhone pro

I need a copy of my payment for purchasing my iPhones 


I am trying to get my proof of purchase on a closed post pay account. I bought the phone over the phone for a magenta account that I closed out on the same day. I had to buy my own extended warranty as my state  NY would not allow me to buy insurance through T-Mobile. So in order to make any claims I need the proof of purchase with the model number, where I bought it from and the price paid less the taxes of course. I have spoken to the first line of customer service both pre and post paid, the second level of the supervisor and a third layer of supervisor to no avail even with the IEMI number. I also went to the store hoping even though didn't buy it there they could help. It turns out they coieither. I can't use my extended warranty as I have no proof of purchase to show them I even put in the phone number of the.closed paid sccoyei4n someone please tell me how to get this receipt? As it stands if this phone needs a repair or anything else I cannot do anything without it and it will be a very expensive paperweight. I have no ihave tried the "TEX" epartment and all of the numbers and all I get is music

Lastly when I put in my current user credentials it only shows my current auto pay and funds nothing under the closed post pay account.


PLEASE COMMUNITY HELP ME! I don't know what else to do. I know yhere is some one very savvy in there somewhere in the community who knows the answer to this seemingly impossible quandary. Thanks for reading and the help me.

Jill. propur

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purchased over the phone how long ago? the fact that you purchased it and then turned right back around and cancelled the account your info might be gone already..


at this point your options are to contact TMO by calling (tier 1 support) or by Facebook/Twitter (tier 2 support)...or by going into a store.