Netflix limiting to one household.

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I've been with T-mobile since they acquired Suncom in 2007. We have 7 devices on our plan (6 phones and a watch).  Our plan was the first to offer free netflix and we're on that same plan to this day (never changed plans such as Magneta, etc., just added devices).
One of these phones (main tmobile account holder) lives in GA and the others (My Daughter and her family) live in Maryland. So how does this affect our Netflix? 
Will we still be able to have netflix at both households because of the t-mobile deal? If not, will t-mobile offer something else?

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I call BS. I have the premium plan and 5 phones. I should be able to share my account between two households. Might be time to rethink both Netflix and T-Mobile. 

Hulu is starting this in March.

Thanks for the info.