No monthly discount for loyal customers?

I asked for a monthly discount from a Tmobile customer service rep today and just to find out that they do not have any. He just advised me to go to this community blog with the hope that a Tmobile concerned personnel will pay attention to this concern.

My husband and I have been with Tmobile for well over a decade now, going on our 14/15th year. For some reason, even though we are not happy with the reception/connection service that they have, we have been with them for this long... i guess that is what you call LOYAL customers, don’t you think? That is, you stick with them thru thick ‘n thin. Being so, i was expecting to get a loyalty discount off of their monthly bill to make their loyal customers happy and stay longer. 

It would be nice to see a line on their Tmobile monthly bill/statement that says, “Loyalty Credit”. 

When should we see this?


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What plan are you on? Tmobile hasn't offered loyalty discounts for a while and instead offer

a discount for enrolling in auto pay.

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Loyalty to self first.

Not happy, find happy.

If you weren't paying, Tmo would drop you.

If Tmo doesn't provide service, you'd drop them.

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Loyalty isn't a good thing anymore.  Companies look at you as customers they don't need to put in the effort to keep because you have stuck around so long already.  Don't be afraid to switch if tou can find a better deal or better service.


Every carrier appears to favor new customers rather than existing (loyal) customers most of the time. This is especially true when you want to "upgrade" devices. All the BOGO deals always have the restriction that you must add a new line (or more) to qualify, effectively limiting it to new customers and excluding existing customers.  This means someone who has stuck with the carrier for 10 years or more even though they are loyal if they want to upgrade their device and not pay full price their only option is to switch carriers, locking them in for 2 years (as most BOGO deals are monthly bill credits applied over 2 years), at which point you could switch to another carrier to take advantage of another offer for 2 more years and on and on.

If you get locked into a 2 year commitment to get upgrade promotional discounts anyway then why not offer these to existing customers without the requirement to add lines? Unless they really don't care about LOSING existing customers only GAINING new ones

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But then this happened.

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Hey @magenta8266619

We greatly appreciate your loyalty! While we may not have a standard loyalty credit we can offer folks that have been with us forever (I do like that Idea) we often find ways to show our customers we appreciate them like what @snn555 posted. We appreciate your feedback on this and I will make sure it is heard.


A meaningful way to show appreciation for customer loyalty would be to offer existing customers some form of promotional discount towards a new device/upgrade that you offer to brand new customers.  As people inevitably look for a device upgrade, and considering most devices now cost close to $1,000 or more, people understandably don't want to pay full price.  Why stay with T-Mobile and pay full price of $1,000 when you can switch to Sprint/ATT/Verizon where you qualify either for a BOGO or 50% off promotion?

This all has to do with the requirement to add a new line (or multiple lines) of service in order to qualify for any device promotion.  Existing customers rarely have a need to "add new lines" of services to their existing account.  Switching carriers naturally means you are adding new lines of service.  So people will simply switch every couple years or so to qualify for device discounts.

Also, considering most device discounts/promotions are offered in the form of bill credits spaced out over 2 years, in essence customers are still signing a 2 year contract.  Why not offer existing customers the ability to get 50% off towards a new device WITHOUT requiring additional lines of service if they commit to T-mobile for another 2 years?  If they leave before the 2 years they forfeit the remaining credits and owe the balance due anyway.

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I've been with Tmobile for close to 15 years and I'm on a 55+ family plan

that I pay $60 a month including taxes for unlimited talk,text and data.

Last year I was able to upgrade to the LG V30 bogo without adding a line and

if I decide to pay off the phone early I still don't lose the promo.

I don't plan on going anywhere else because I want a top of the line phone for

a cheaper price. I don't use my phone as a status symbol and all I want is for the

phone to do what it's supposed to do which is what the LG V30 does.


Does T-mobile offer this to all of their existing customers; the ability to take advantage of new device promos (like BOGO) that are being offered to new subscribers without forcing you to add a line?

If so then that's all I was saying.  No one (myself included) wants to spend $1k every 2 years on a new phone, but after a certain point (be it 3-5 years) the devices will no longer get Android security patches and will no longer be supported by their manufacturers.  And honestly once a device is 5 years old it's about time to be replaced anyway.  Only exception to this obviously is Apple since they continue to update even their older devices much longer then Android does.

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Sadly, BOGO offers have changed a lot over the last couple of years.  That V30 offer was one for the T-Mobile History Book of Awesomeness and I really would like to see more offers like that.  Even if those types of BOGO (like the V30 BOGO) was for loyalty only.  That would be a big incentive for customers to stick with T-Mobile.

How do we get these special incentives cause I have been with T-Mobile since 2001 and have yet to get anything for loyalty

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Hey folks....

Do you like your service, does it work where you live, work, and travel?

Does customer service resolve your issues?

Are the devices you want available?

Are you paying less for service than you would elsewhere?

If yes, then you are being loyal to yourself.

If no, then you are doing your own self wrong.

You can get a device anywhere, usually cheaper, unlocked, even pay for it monthly with credit card promos.

It's on the user to research options.

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Are you really looking for loyalty discounts from T-Mobile?

If you had a business of your own, would you give out discounts and FREE stuff to your loyal customers? Probably not.

This is a business after all, the company want to make a profit. T-Mobile is not a Not for profit company.... Look for deals on T-Mobile website, if you were a long time customer... did you miss all the free lines they have given out to customers? I have 3 free voice lines and I have many promotional discounts and free services that was absolutely free from T-Mobile and I have been a customer since around 2008. I save approximately $3,500 per year with all of the discounts and benefits. How’s that for being a loyal customer!

How come you have not taken advantage of the many T-Mobile free items and services ?

T mobile was named T Mobile in the USA in July of 2002 We Have been loyal customers since Dec of 2002 and I too after all these yrs and about $20K plus of business that I can not get my bill any lower than $100 for 2 unlimited lines no 4g Hot spot. So T mobile is telling me that Military or customers age 55 Plus can pay at least $30 a month less than me who has been with them 17 yrs since they opened in the USA !! ?? It makes no sense what so ever on any business level to not give customers their oldest some type of brake for there EXTREME loyalty this is what has made T Mobile a success in the years when they needed us.

Please get with Whoever makes this decision MR Legere or the ones in charge below him and let me pay $70 or lower for two phones unlimited no one deserves it more than your oldest few hundred or thousand customers, And we know you have the list search query print walla, This should have been done a long time ago an email and text Saying THANK YOU for your loyalty and for that Loyalty here you go $, No Excuses :-(

And as for barcodeable's comment above me maybe he hasn't been so loyal 17 yrs, and T Mobiles ALL-TIME HIGH RECORD, LOW CHURN best-ever Q1 2019 Revenue $8.3 Billion and record Q1 2019 Net Income of $908 million up 35% in Q1 2019. I don't think it will hurt to give those few loyal customers 10 yrs 15 yrs plus some appreciation !!

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You can try the T-Force Team.  What you are asking doesn't sound unreasonable.  You can get in contact with them through Facebook or Twitter.  They have the ability to offer you a better plan. 

I’ve been with Sprint since 1999/2000  The customer service has already proven its worse with T-Mobile and it’s only been few weeks for me.  I had a business account and didn’t want to lose that to switch but somehow I ended up with downgraded service and lost access to business account perks. I’m thinking of returning the 2 iPhone 13 we just bought and got to Verizon.  We have 30 days to cancel and get full refund