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  • 26 May 2022
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Tried to pay online yesterday and today, but site has issue. Cannot add a payment method on the bill pay page. This is what it says “Something went wrong !!”. please fix the problem.

9 replies

I am having the same exact issue now for a few days. However, while I wait patiently for T-mobile to fix this inside website issue with their payment method button, I found I could pay my bill by logging out of the website, and going to initial Login page and paying as a Guest. The payment method button works in there.. Hope that helps some… But T-mobile needs to get this fixed.

I also have this issue. Thank you charla for providing a workaround.

​​​​​​I tried not once, but twice to make my online payment with T-mobile. This happened today. It said my payment failed to process successfully. But when I checked my bank statement, it said -$106.00 ACI payment. I contacted tmobile customer service by phone. He didn't transfer me to the IT dept, even after I said you have a network software problem. How is my payment going to some company I've never heard of? I hope I get my money back asap!! T-mobile online service sucks!!!

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Usually these issues are caused by an ad blocker, VPN, or the browsers privacy settings are set too strict to allow secure transactions to be properly sent.  You can always enable autopay on your account so you don’t have to manually pay your bill.  

The norm is charging my debit card multiple times without applying payment. I think it’s a deliberate scam. There’s no adblocks, happens with any browser, only with T Mobile though, no other company makes ‘mistakes’ over and over to charge more than the service should be. Legal theft.

Someone suggested autopay as a workaround? Just give ‘em free reign to erroneously charge as much as they like, whenever they like eh? Hahahaha, Throw a little humor in to diffuse the frustration lol

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I have never been charged more than once when manually paying my bill early each month.  I always use Edge and haven't had any issues at all over the years I have been doing this.

i think i am on autopay (via tech support setting it up when i had already set it up). By the way that cost me $10 cause I talked to support. I only have a hotspot. May find someone else cause their bill pay does NOT work.

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I’ve been paying via my banks bill pay service, it sends it electronically, and for the last 1 year I’ve been a customer it always processes quickly.  I don’t get a $5.00 dollar discount, but it’s worth not giving up any bank details.  I paid Verizon the same way.  Maybe another option for paying your bill.