Poor Customer Service

  • 10 January 2023
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I am very very upset for my experience with T-Mobile customer service, I am a new customers and just transferred from another carrier. I talked to an agent before opening a service and I told her I have 3 phone lines that I want to transfer. She told me about the 3rd line free promotion but she just sent me 2 SIM cards and told me that I can get the 3rd one later, without telling me any restriction that apply to the promotion. Later I activated my 2 phone lines and trying to add a 3rd line for free with a new phone from T-mobile, I made the purchase after I received a confirmation from the agent that I will get the 3rd line for free. But after I paid, I realized that I need to pay monthly charges for the new line, I keep asking then the agent finally told me that if I add a new line later, I won’t qualify for the promotion anymore, 3 lines will need to be activated at the same time.

This whole thing is totally a scam. The agent doesn’t even trying to help me solve my problem, just saying that you either pay for the monthly charge or the new phone. I literally need to pay for the mistake caused by the customer service and I wouldn’t have to chose to switch to T-mobile at first if this is what I got from them.

4 replies

I agree!   I recently switched as well and I asked several times about TMobile Customer Service and of course the Rep told me it was good.  It is not good.   It is very poor.   I tried reaching Customer Service 3 days in a row.  Each day I waited on hold over 20 minutes and never did get anyone.  I finally had to hang up.   Complete waste of time.    Then I tried the “Customer Service” Chat.   Again, nobody came online to chat.     Meanwhile I am getting a message from TMobile that they need a response by July 1st but there is no way to respond.   It’s a total scam and perfect way to screw customers.    I am so regretting switching to TMobile.

I have been with T-Mobile 25 years  - recently had a breach on my phone - needing a new device asap - but still have balance on current phone - reached out to corporate to see if they would help with a credit for new device and was told no - only current promotions available  - however they sure push getting a new line  - they need to review their policies and try and keep customers  - I have 5 phone lines and 2 trackers  - as I am looking at other carriers I am sure my business will be appreciated 


T-Mobile customer service is pathetic, and continues remain at that level.   Agents can’t answer the most basic questions, and it takes a long time to get any closure.    I don’t think this should be a surprise to T-Mobile mgmt.   Is anyone even bothering to fix the issue?   


I began to notice this issue when T-mobile moved its call centers off shore.   Nothing against making a good business decision, when it IS executed properly.    Shame on this company!