• 23 July 2018
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My husband and I have switched over to Tmobile from Verizon about 2 months ago now. We were told that we would get reimbursed for our final bills up to $650 from our previous carrier, mine was right at that, and his was well under. We submitted every thing and at first we were getting text saying one was denied, so my husband called and got that situated, and we got a confirmation text a month ago with the scheduled amount of payment. Well today he calls because we haven’t received anything and what do you know, they say it was denied. The reimbursement team says the bill was “not legible”. The text I received was the perfect amount of money to total the two of our bills, if they were “not legible”, how was the text the perfect total. The lady that I talked to kept repeating that the pictures need to be in color and legible, and that I should have never got that confirmation text, that it must have been a “system error”.  This system error has tricked me into believing that I was in the right track to my reimbursement, and now it’s unclear if I’ll be receiving it due to submitting so late. How is this my fault? The submission was straight off of screenshots from my phone, which as far as I know are in color and very legible. Now I’ve submitted them to an email for my reimbursement. My Verizon bill is now collecting late fees, that I’m responsible for when it wasn’t a mess up on my part. This whole experience has been a joke. I’m seriously thinking about a lawsuit. After all, that’s probably the only way I will not have to eat the $900 that we owe Verizon.


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We want both the phones to be able to take advantage of the offer. Sorry it's not happening like it should. We may be able to have our internal teams look at this further. You should reach out to out T-Force team through the FB or Twitter links on our Community-2153​ page. Please give them a shot at this when you get the chance.

what do you mean we want both phones? i had both phones. it doesn’t matter i was within 15-45 days of switching from verizon, and since no one could help me or answer my questions, i’m back with them, where i don’t need a cell booster in my house and my calls don’t drop.

We're having a very similar issue. We joined T-Mobile from Verizon almost two months ago with the store we joined up at telling us we'd be receiving vouchers to take to Verizon for our Verizon phones. A few weeks went by and no vouchers. We went back to the store and they said it would be up to 8 weeks. Our account with Verizon is now in collections as well as we've been waiting and waiting for the vouchers. How can we find out when exactly we'll receive our vouchers? Our credit shouldn't take a hit because T-Mobile can't fulfill its promise. We've been severely disappointed with T-Mobile so far, from customer service (lots of unexpected fees showed up on our first bill, which was almost twice what Verizon charged us) to weak and spotty cellular service.

Dear Folks,

We just switched to T-Mobile from Verizon. We owed $381.16 to Verizon to complete payment on two iphone 8’s. We were told that T-Mobile would pay us back as we continue to use our three phones with T-Mobile. What do we need to do for the reimbursement? Thanks


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I joined T-Mobile from Verizon 3 months ago with the store associate telling me that i would be receiving Mastercard rebate cards. I was told it was normally 6-8 weeks for receipt of the cards. Its now been 12 weeks and ive heard nothing. How can I find out a status?  I never would have changed  from Verizon had it not been for the "great deal" i was "offered". I've been disappointed with weak and spotty service. Not happy at all. I researched how to find the status for promotions. Logged in to the app, went to the promotion link_ it says that I have NO PROMOTIONS! I'M  looking for a new carrier!

My Name is Richard Lohmeyer , there are 3 phone numbers that I am asking T-Mobile to do a submission to pay off phones. This submission is Keep and Switch Number is 989455965.

The phone numbers are ( 5756401640 ) ( 5756401636 ) ( 5756404791 )

The Verizon Pin is 7117.

Thank You Richard Lohmeyer 5756401640