Reset PASSCODE by 611 doesn't work

  • 2 June 2021
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My wife can’t signup in her account. Because she don’t know her PIN/Passcode.
She has message: Hmm, that PIN doesn't match our records. Give it another shot.

She called to 611 and change PIN code (few times), and noting.

What we should todo?

2 replies

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Has she tried the last 4 digits of her Social?  611 should definitely be able to reset it.


Im looking to find this too because all im getting is the run around when i call 611.   First i call 611, ask for the code to be reset, they tell me to go to a t mobile store so i can show my ID (store is 30 miles away from me.).  I drove to the store, showed my ID just for them to tell me i have to call 611 because they dont have the means to do it (this is an actual tmobile store).   I go back home and call 611 and again told i need to go to a tmobile store.   So frustrating and i am only on day 5 of a brand new account already regretting making the decision to go to tmobile.